Former Governor Huckabee Meets with NY Jewish Community Leaders

by Israel Heritage Foundation

8/17/2022, 12:00:00 AM

A special Israel Heritage Foundation (IHF) gathering organized by IHF leaders Dr. Joseph Frager, Rabbi Duvid Katz and Jonathan Burkan took place in New York and was attended by Jewish leaders.

The gathering featured Former Governor Mike Huckabee who spoke of the importance the State of Israel in his life, his appreciation of Israel and the Jewish people, and the Jewish people’s rights to the Land of Israel.

Rabbi Duvid Katz, executive director of the Israel Heritage Foundation, commented: “We have a saying ‘Charity can stave off death’. The Israel Heritage Foundation gives, not only to the poor people, but to all the people, in Israel and in North America; we advocate, we bring these beautiful people together, and I would like to bless our guest of honor, the distinguished Mr. Huckabee, to please keep on doing what he is doing for the rest of a long, sweet, and happy life.”

IHF President Dr. Stephen Soloway commented: “We are honored to have Mike Huckabee as our guest tonight. We support Israel, the United States, and democracy. The world is spinning backward right now, and we have tremendous, deep-rooted enemies gathering…if we don’t band together, the world may not look as beautiful in five years as it did five years ago.”

Nassau County bridge commissioner Sam Nahmias commented: “I am so happy to be here, to be part of so many of the wonderful things that the Foundation has done. It’s Shabbat Nahamu (the Shabbat immediately following the fast of Tisha B’av) and we were supposed to be in Israel by now, but we are still here, and still looking forward to a great future and helping the Foundation to flourish.

Ken Abramowitz, President of American Friends of Likud, commented: “We need all the help we can get, especially from wonderful spokesman like Mike Huckabee. We need spokespeople like yourself. Thank you for being here, and for everything that you do.”

The gathering was attended by Jonathan Burkan – Congressional Finance Chair of Republicans, Board Member of the Holocaust Museum in DC and Chairman of the Israel Heritage Foundation events, Sam Nahmias – Philanthropist and Commissioner of Bridges/Nassau County, IHF co-president Dr. Stephen Soloway – Rheumatologist, Philanthropist and Author, Ken Abramowitz – Venture Capitalist, Philanthropist, President of American Friends of Likud, Bruce Blakeman – County Executive of Nassau-representing 300,000 Jews, Brian Robinson – one of 12 candidates vying for the Democratic Nomination for Congress in New York’s 12th District, Ari Brown – Republican Assemblyman from Nassau County, Joel Eisdorfer – Senior Advisor to Mayor of New York City Eric Adams, Simcha Eisenstein – Democratic Assemblyman, and Beth Sawyer – Republican Assemblywoman from New Jersey.