Israel At The Crossroads

Demonstrators in favor of Israel’s proposed judicial reform. Photo: Yishai Fleisher Twitter post

by Dr. Joseph Frager, Exec VP

7/24/2023, 12:43:09 PM

After five elections since 2018 Prime Minister Netanyahu was able to cobble together a coalition of 64 members in December of 2022. 70% of the Israeli population voted. In America only 62.8% of Americans voted in 2020. 2020 saw the largest turnout ever for a Presidential election at 158 million.

The results of the Democratically elected Israeli election which comprises the coalition is as follows: Likud 32, Religious Zionist 14, Shas 11, and UTJ 7. The majority of voters voted for Right wing parties. Labor won only 4 seats. Meretz did not meet the 3.25% threshold so was left with no seats. Jewish Home which had been Naftali Bennett’s party also did not meet the threshold. Ayelet Shaked who took over from Bennett said she would have joined the Netanyahu coalition if she had reached the 3.25% threshold.

These results make it clear that Democracy in Israel is alive and well. It also shows that the Democratically elected coalition has a mandate to carry out those programs that it had campaigned on. Judicial reform is one of the main campaign platforms. Opposition to a two state solution is another.

Building homes in Judea and Samaria is another. Declaring sovereignty over area C is another. Increasing Torah education in public schools is another. This present coalition has its work cut out for itself. The 200,000 plus rally in support of the Coalition on July 23rd, and the 600,000 plus rally held on April 28th are clear examples of massive support for the Netanyahu Coalition.

The Left in Israel and in America refuse to see the sea change that has occurred in Israel. They are living in the past. When Idit Silman (now Minister of Environmental Protection)left the Naftali Bennett Coalition in April of 2022 she created the opportunity for the Right wing to come into its own. She is a true heroine. Israel is at the crossroads. After 75 years since Ben Gurion declared Statehood, the “descendants“ of Menachem Begin are now in the driver’s seat. I see a brighter future than ever for Israel. The media just has to do a lot of catch up. I don’t expect that to happen any time soon if ever. Israel’s enemies better watch out. Israel is stronger than ever.